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  • John Trefz, Stringed Instrument Expert

    We specialize in creating custom replacement piano bridges, pinblocks, and soundboards

    • Trefz has duplicated thousands of piano bridges, from spinets to concert grands
    • Maple piano pinblocks are cut as close as possible, including complicated or multi-piece pinblocks.
    • We can craft replacement soundboards.
    • We can custom duplicate treble and bass bridges, uppernuts, pinblocks, damper guide rails, and wood action rails.

    John Trefz can repair and setup your guitar or bass.

    • Damaged fret restoration
    • Routing a guitar bridge to correct action height
    • Need a balanced intonation over your guitar’s entire fingerboard – every fret – every string. John Trefz is an authorized retro-fitter for the Buzz Feiten Tuning System.
    location: Norwood, PA
    phone: 610-945-7326
    website: http://www.johntrefz.com
  • Chris Trefz, Illustration
    • Illustrated children’s books
    • Greeting cards
    • Calendars
    • Prints
    website: http://www.christrefz.com/
  • Duffy Piano Movers

    We are a fourth generation, family-owned, and operated company. We specialize in moving pianos and organs and also provide storage services. We do both commercial and private moves. We will provide loyal service for a reasonable price.

    location: Serving the Philadelphia Tri-State Area.
    phone: 484-494-6304
    website: http://www.duffypianomovers.com/