Testimonial – Pamela Flood

What’s in a name? A “Rose” by any other name … wouldn’t be Rose Winstanley – Trefz! Trust me, if you own a piano and want to take good care of it, Rose Winstanley – Trefz is the name you want on your speed dial.

Rose has been tuning my piano for years, and I recommend her to all of my piano students, neighbors and anyone in need of an excellent piano tuner. The feedback I receive from all of them is nothing but the best. Some of the stories of poor, old, tired pianos being brought back to life with Rose’s knowledge, experience and expertise is amazing and puts a smile on everybody’s face!

Rose is a precision technician and someone you can feel comfortable inviting into your home, schools or business. Rose is always friendly and professional.

Pamela Flood
Vocalist / Piano Teacher / Voice Coach
Springfield, PA 610-544-2292