• Rose, I wish you could have seen my son when he came home from school yesterday. He went to the piano, played a couple of measure of Pachabel's Canon and turned around to me with the biggest smile ever. He couldn't believe how great the piano sounded - it was very exciting. Both of my son's eagerly played the piano last night and we all enjoyed it. They loved the "Rose" you left and said that they wanted to leave it there forever. Update ... My son played the piano last night and said again, "Can you believe how good that sounds?" And for the 3rd evening in a row, I haven't had to "MAKE" more ...

Benefits of Regular Piano Tuning by Rose:

  • Get the best sound possible from your instrument
  • Children and adults learning piano must have an properly tuned piano in order to get the proper sound and benefits of the music they are learning!
  • Manufacturers recommend a minimum of twice a year for piano tuning. Every time the seasons change, your piano is going out of tune due to humidity and dryness!
  • Maintain the investment value of your piano. The combined pull of the strings can be near 20 tons!!! Regular tunings make sure that the piano is not structurally damaged.
  • Maintain your warranty. Many manufacturers require regular documented tunings if they are to honor any warranty claims.

In Southern Delaware County, PA:

  • Rose delivers the highest quality service, based on integrity, experience, and trust, with personal attention to each individual clients needs and her love for pianos, and her profession.
  • Rose has 30 years of experience tuning pianos.
  • Rose has tuned for the Philadelphia Orchestra, and famous groups such as: The Moody Blues, Journey, Beach Boys, Chicago, Bette Midler, Pat Benatar, Peter Frampton, Prince and others.
  • Rose worked with the Steinway/Yamaha dealer, Hammell Music in MI, Jacobs Music in Philadelphia and received training from Yamaha Piano’s Little Red Schoolhouse and Kimball Piano School.

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