• Rose has been tuning my piano for over 20 years.  I have had other piano tuners in the past, but none have been as skilled, as comprehensive, or as  personable as Rose.  Rose is dependable, loyal, honest, and a pleasure to work with.  She can be counted on to perform at a consistently excellent standard. Rose is not only a skilled piano technician, she is also a valuable resource for her clients.  A couple of years ago I purchased my dream piano, a Yamaha Baby Grand.  Rose was central to helping me make the decision to purchase this piano, her guidance was invaluable, the piano is perfect! I more ...

Benefits of Regular Piano Tuning by Rose:

  • Get the best sound possible from your instrument
  • Children and adults learning piano must have an properly tuned piano in order to get the proper sound and benefits of the music they are learning!
  • Manufacturers recommend a minimum of twice a year for piano tuning. Every time the seasons change, your piano is going out of tune due to humidity and dryness!
  • Maintain the investment value of your piano. The combined pull of the strings can be near 20 tons!!! Regular tunings make sure that the piano is not structurally damaged.
  • Maintain your warranty. Many manufacturers require regular documented tunings if they are to honor any warranty claims.

In Southern Delaware County, PA:

  • Rose delivers the highest quality service, based on integrity, experience, and trust, with personal attention to each individual clients needs and her love for pianos, and her profession.
  • Rose has 30 years of experience tuning pianos.
  • Rose has tuned for the Philadelphia Orchestra, and famous groups such as: The Moody Blues, Journey, Beach Boys, Chicago, Bette Midler, Pat Benatar, Peter Frampton, Prince and others.
  • Rose worked with the Steinway/Yamaha dealer, Hammell Music in MI, Jacobs Music in Philadelphia and received training from Yamaha Piano’s Little Red Schoolhouse and Kimball Piano School.

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